Meet Allira Potter. 

Allira is an empowerment, mindset and spiritual coach, content creator and writer who we love! We chat about her career path, this year's NAIDOC theme and how she channelled her spiritual connections for her work.

Read our interview below. 


 We love hearing you speak and express yourself on your channels. Tell us, for those of us who don't know, who is Allira Potter?

I love this question; I feel like it’s such an open one at the moment.

Who is Allira Potter? Well, I like to think of myself as a super multifaceted human, with a lot to say and a million things on the go.

My work differs from content creation to coaching women to live their life the most authentic way possible.

I think social media perceives me as maybe living a very carefree glamorous life, but my life is the same as everyone. Gym in the morning, dog walk, daily anxieties like most humans alongside working/running a business.

I do also like to think that how I place myself on social media is how I place myself in real life, zero bull shit energy.

So to really define who Allira Potter is, she’s a multifaceted human who is constantly evolving. 

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You speak about always having visions and spiritual connections from a young age - how did you perfect this craft?

Perfecting this somewhat wild craft has been a pretty interesting one for me.

I suppressed so much growing up and didn’t really tap into it until the last few years.

For me it was really stepping into my power, trusting my intuition and making sure that the things and people were aligned with me.

Once everything was feeling aligned that’s when I knew I could trust these visions and spiritually identity more.


In June 2020, the Black Lives Matter movement became even more prominent in the media than ever before. How was this time for you? 

HAHAH am I allowed to say “overwhelming”?

The BLM was a game changer for the Blak community on social media, I think I was placed in a really unique yet challenging position as I really had to make sure I was putting community at the forefront on anything I would say and do, but also ensure I was educating the non-Indigenous community to take action where needed.

I think I was really lucky in that respect to be in that position however I think over the last 12 months we have seen so many amazing Blak content creators and activists show up and my hat goes off to them because they are doing the work whilst trying to balance their own existence.

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NAIDOC Week this year's theme is Heal Country - what does this mean to you?

This year’s theme has really hit me as it has made me think “okay well how can I do better as a First Nations woman?”

I think it’s a reflection time for me to acknowledge the things I can do better to Heal country. 


What is your favourite thing about what you do?

My favourite thing about what I do is connecting and meeting so many amazing humans, it’s the highlight of my job.

But also my other favourite thing is the fact I get to share my success with my family and friends, growing up with a single mum who worked multiple jobs knowing that I have broken a cycle makes me so happy.

If you had to choose one career path and let the others go... what do you think you'd do?

The career path I would choose would be the content creation I get to do on social media for brands, its always so much fun working with unique brands and creating things that may inspire others to bring into their lives. 



What is your must-have beauty essential?

Without fail my beauty essentials is from my best friends skin care brand Botanicals by luxe, I can’t live without the lactic cleanser and serum…must have beauty essentials.

What is your favourite Spell piece right now and why?

Now that is a hard question haha.

To be honest the Folk Song campaign has been my favourite so far. So many dreamy dresses 


Allira wears the Folk Song Square Neck Gown and Great Ocean Road Overshirt from Folk Song.