Spell Spell

Elle, our forever style muse! What is your biggest style tip for this season

That is so kind of you to say and I am very flattered because you know I love you guys. 

Ok my biggest style tip for this season is COLOUR!!! After the last 12 months it's all about COLOUR, whether it be block colours so dressing in all one shade (have you seen my all pink posts?) to wearing matching colour coordinating accessories (thanks Mrs Bieber) or just updating your wardrobe with some new colourful prints! Colour makes us HAPPY.

Tell us about since we spoke last - your empire of Elle Effect has grown - what has the journey been like?

It sure has!!! I actually am the proud owner of a very successful beauty brand!!! We just hit cult product stays in Mecca with our Tint and our Tan is keeping babes all around the globe glowing. The journey has literally been non stop. When we launched Elle Effect the business BLEW UP and I couldn’t believe it, thanks to my amazing community I had support from before I even launched. But keeping up with demand and then also newness means there isn’t much time to stop. But at the end of the day it is something that I created and I am so proud of what I have done. Our team is growing which is exciting and we have another new launch this year which I am counting down to…. I am always learning and consider myself very lucky to be in the position that I am in… hard work pays off.

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What is most rewarding about being the owner of this business?

The most rewarding would be people LOVING the product. A product that I created with my own money and a lot of hard work. 

What was your favourite Spell piece to style?

Where do I start… All of them!? It always amazes me how well Spell naturally fits into my wardrobe… it just goes. But I would have to say the khaki shirt was just so fun! It gave me full on Goldie Hawn vibes from Private Benjamin 

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What are the must-have hair products you're loving right now?

GHD Soft Wave Tong ALWAYS. A great dry shampoo, hairspray and texture powder. They are my go to.

During lockdown last year you got into a super health-focused routine - what has been your biggest learning from this?

That no one else can do the journey for you. You can have the best workout gear, apps, videos and equipment but at the end of the day it comes down to you getting up and moving. I learnt very early that the most powerful muscle in your whole body is your mind and as soon as you start training your mind your body will follow.

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Who or what is inspiring your style right now?

The explore page on instagram… Because we can’t travel I spend way too much time and money on that page.

What is next for Elle Ferguson? 

A very very special collaboration that is seriously on a whole new level of amazingness… I cannot wait to share it with you. Stay tuned.

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With love to Elle x