When you're in the company of muse Narah Baptista and photographer Jamie Green you can't complain when your campaign shoot gets rained out for a day, instead you create magic ~ like this beauty shoot.

We sat down with inspiring muse and model, Narah, and asked her about her style, her hopes for the future and where she dreams to travel to next... Read our interview below x

Tell us about you - why did you decide to move to Australia?

Coming to Australia was actually my mama's dream and so we came together about 8 years ago.
Describe your style:
I LOVE small tops and everything else oversized.
LOVE asymmetric clothing, chunky shoes, and I will most of the time choose black over any other colour. 

We loved the creativity that oozed out when you and Jamie Green had a rainy day in Tassie - is it often you're coming up with concepts on a shoot?
I loved that day! I'll definitely give my creative input when I have the space for it, these are the shoots I enjoy the most!
What is your favourite part of your job?
Meeting incredibly talented people.
What is your ultimate beauty product - cannot leave the house without?
Brow gel.

What brings you joy?
Spending time with my family and my good friends, listening to latin music and lots of dancing!
What are your hopes for the future?
To travel a lot and to experience living in a different country. 
When you can travel anywhere again, where will you go?
Our community hasn't seen what we shot with you (the full shoot!) as yet, but describe to us your favourite look from our shoot in Tassie... 
My very favorite was the crochet sets!

Make Up by Luciana Rose 

Narah wears the Spell Basic Tank.