Rosemary Retro

So first up, tell us a little bit about yourself…

Hi, I'm Rosemary. I am a content creator based in LA with an affinity for all things vintage. I especially love fashion & interior decorating.


We would love to know where you find your ‘retro’ inspiration?

I find my inspiration in many ways - estate sales, movies, music, and more! I think the most important thing has been my relationship with my grandmother. She is a huge inspiration to me, I love looking through her old photos & I even have some of her dresses from the 1960s.


Music has inspired me to take a journey with vintage fashion - artists like David Bowie, Abba, Fleetwood Mac, and SO many more have given me a window into seeing tangible examples of creative 70s era fashion. (this applies to other decades too!) I also love seeing the outfits in era-specific movies & shows. I recently watched the movie "Casino" which is set in 70s-era Las Vegas, filled with sequin gowns & cocktail dresses that I am now on the lookout for when I am shopping for vintage!


Estate sales tend to inspire me in a different way, when I see a certain home I imagine how I can implement the retro decorative styles into the place where I live & into my interior decorating process. I also love looking through vintage interior design books and seeing trends that have made their way back into the mainstream today.

What are your ‘big three’ - the sun, the moon and the ascendant?

I am an Aquarius sun, virgo moon, & scorpio rising!


How do you like living in LA? We fell deeply in love with Playa Del Rey when we popped in to visit!

I love LA for many reasons - the creative energy, the culture, the history! Social media has helped to make the big city feel a little smaller, I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with people that way. As for the neighborhood, I grew up along one of the Great Lakes, so being near the beach was a must for me. It feels really special & inspiring to be near the water - however I love to venture all over town to go vintage hunting!


Who are your top three most inspirational artists?

I have so many artists that inspire me but there's two in particular that mean a lot to me. Ever since middle school I've been inspired by Lana Del Rey - I love the way she's incorporated vintage inspirations into her image as well as her music. I also am a huge fan of Stevie Nicks, when I was a kid my parents had a Fleetwood Mac CD in the car & I've loved her ever since. She's been a big inspiration to my style for many years!


I can't speak on my favorite artists without sharing about social media too - I am so inspired by my good friend @CarlyKnighht! She posts a lot of older vintage outfits including the 1940s, 30s, and even 20s! It's been cool to get a glimpse into these eras of fashion & furniture too. She does a great job at showing historical accuracy and I would totally recommend giving her a follow!

It seems that you are quite the green thumb, where did you find your love for all things plants? Do you have any tips for keeping your home so lush?

I started loving plants when I got my first apartment on my own. I had just got done from traveling for a few years in a van, and wanted to have something to take care of without the commitment of a pet. Once I got one, I wanted more and it eventually really snowballed! Even more so when I started to notice that lots of houseplants were a big part of 70s + 80s interior design.


My tip is to make sure you keep watering / maintenance of the plants as a regular part of your routine. A few years ago, I was really messy / did not keep my space clean. Once I got my first apartment on my own in LA, I made it my mission to keep a regular cleaning routine for my home. I think my plants have really helped to keep me on that same routine, as caring for the plants serves as a reminder for continued self care. :)

What is your favourite piece of decor in your home? {We don’t know how you’d choose!}

I have a mirror in my foyer that was my great-grandmother's dating back to the early-1940s. She was very non-traditional for the time period... a working mother, who ran a jewelry shop with her husband. This mirror was on display in the jewelry store in Rochester, NY. After that business venture, she went on to pursue cosmetology throughout the 1950s. She never enjoyed spending her free-time on cooking and instead would splurge on her favorite restaurant every night. She was also never seen without her signature - black patent heels. The mirror was hanging in the dining room of my childhood home, and now in the foyer of my home in California.


When I look in the mirror all dolled-up, I like to think I take after her in some ways. I never got to meet her, but she continues to inspire me to challenge the norm, follow your dreams, and always look glamorous while doing it!

Apart from Spell, where do you find your vintage fashion treasures?

My favorite way to find vintage fashion is at estate sales! You can find these using the website ' '. One of the reasons I enjoy estate sales so much is that it really gives you a sentimental experience when discovering a vintage item... you don't see it in a thrift store amongst other clothes... but rather hanging in the closet of its original owner. You might see family photos around the home, a bookshelf filled with books from a particular discipline, cookbooks and handwritten recipes in the kitchen... you sort of have this really intimate glimpse into the life the person who wore the clothing once had. I think that alone inspires me to really be more mindful of my consumption & to do it with care. It ties into the sustainability conversation because you are truly giving these clothes a "new life". These clothes belonged to our grandparents, our teachers, our neighbors... It's really special to slow down and reflect on it sometimes.


What is your favorite fashion era and why?

I really love the late-60s for many reasons... It was the intersection of decades of traditional "classy" style meeting new progressive fashion trends. You had fashion icons ranging from Jackie Kennedy in her pillbox hats, white opera gloves, and pearls to Janis Joplin in her tie-dye, crochet, and layers of beads. You had the emergence of psychedelic prints, bright colored clothes, and more... It was a really cool and diverse time for fashion and most of the vintage pieces that I own are from this time period!


Tell us the story about your iconic round bed…

I found this bed at an estate sale last year.. I got really lucky! I don't think it had been used much, as it had been used as a guest bedroom in the home it was in, and was where the homeowner kept her beanie baby collection - so cute!! It's crazy how much people on social media have loved seeing me post this bed... but that's one of the most rewarding parts about finding fun vintage items.. having others to share in that joy with!