Ibiza Guide: Beneath the Mediterranean Sun


Ibiza was calling this summer as our team jetted off to explore the turquoise seas and honeyed sand… Once again completely wow'd by the island's historic architecture, yummy eats and luxurious stays - we thought we’d round up our top recommendations for your next European adventure. As one summer ends, another begins (and we are feeling oh, so inspired by our friends in the northern hemisphere)! 






Gran Hotel Montesol Ibiza

Location, location, location! Placed conveniently in the hustle and bustle of Ibiza, the Gran Hotel Montesol is surrounded by some of the island's best restaurants, shops and historic sights… Not only convenient, but INCREDIBLY pleasing on the eyes! We were completely taken back by the views from the rooftop bar (not to mention the cocktails) and the food at the restaurant in the square below was some of the best!




Nobu Bay

If you’re looking to stay away from the crowds and take a vacation that’s all about relaxation, then Nobu is your place! Located in Talamanca Bay with ocean views and day beds to take your afternoon siesta with a side of sangria. Not able to book here? Never fear, our hot tip is that you can reserve a daybed just for the day and still enjoy the poolside service in style. Indulge in the incredible food menu, with eats from two restaurants to choose from and a drinks menu that vacay dreams are made of. 




Pizzeria Don Peppo 

Found with nothing but potluck, we stumbled across Pizzeria Don Peppo whilst searching for shelter in a sunshower. Lets just say - this was the first and only time we’ve been thankful for rain on vacation! Nothing quite beats homemade pizza and pasta let alone it being nestled between Spanish alleyways beneath a showering bougainvillea in the brightest shade of fuschia our eyes have ever seen! 



Six Senses 

When planning our itinerary, we of course had to factor in an incredible sunset moment! We arrived at Six Senses for a late lunch, and my goodness ~ the food was incredible. Not to mention the balcony of the restaurant boasting a view of the neverending blues of the ocean. The sun sets on the west in Ibiza, so naturally we then zig zagged down to the poolside bar to settle in and watch the sky put on a show for us. You can also eat at the poolside restaurant, which would be a wonderful spot for dinner with a view. Enjoying the sunset with a delicious cocktail here was one of those ~pinch me~ moments where mother nature just left us speechless! 



Ses Eufabies Restaurant 

This spot was a tip from our local friend and one of the highlights of the trip! Calla Tarida, a beach with the most divine crystal clear waters. Spend the day lounging under an umbrella and floating in the Mediterranean we felt like we were on a real life postcard. Ses Eufabies Restaurant, run by the most beautiful family is known for its locally caught fish ‘n chips and absolutely breathtaking seaside dining. We were lucky enough to get one of the best seats in the house…



La Brasa 

Ibiza really did offer a little bit of everything, and the menu at La Brasa was no exception! The vibes and aesthetics were absolutely immaculate. Spanish food is best served to share, and you’ll want to try a bit of everything here! We recommend booking ahead online so that you can secure your spot. Hot tip: order the Paella! 





The Old Town

Ibiza is well known for great parties and beautiful beaches (which it most definitely has), but something that we weren't prepared for was how incredible the history and architecture would be. As we roamed the Old Town we couldn't help but feel intoxicated by the adorable streets lined with shops and restaurants. The Dalt Vila which translates to ‘Upper Town’ is a must visit, oozing with character. We recommend tackling the Old Town on foot, wandering through the streets and losing yourself in all of the incredible shops and restaurants that the cobblestone alleys have to offer!



S'Illot des Renclí

A longtime friend of Spell took us down to Sant Joan for a swim ~ a cove plucked straight from your pinterest board. We fell in love with Ibiza one crystal clear bay at a time…and you all know how much we love turquoise. You can grab some food and drinks from the little restaurant at the bottom of the carpark and then set up your spot for the day. Our tip is to head down on a week day if you can ~ you might just have it all to yourself. This one isn’t a sand beach, so if you have reef shoes, they will come in handy here! 


Es Vedra 

This spot is an Ibiza must see…at almost 400 meters high, this crown jewel of Ibiza has a presence unlike any other. It has been said that Es Vedra is the most magnetic place on earth, and although technically this may or may not be true, we certainly felt its pull in full force. Our tip: head there during the day to avoid wild sunset crowds.


Until next time, Spell xx